Services - Anastasiadis - Real Estate Constructions


The services we provide include all the necessary procedures, and specifically

  • Architecture study
  • Studies of all engineering specialties (statics, fire safety, electromechanical)
  • Construction and reconstruction of houses
  • Construction and reconstruction of business premises
  • Development of special buildings/special constructions
  • Issuance of building permits and operating permits
  • Designing outdoor spaces
  • Real estate investment appraisal

We build and dispose of single-family houses, apartments, and shops of high standards that are built on privately owned or leased plots inside and outside the Municipality of Pangaio.

It is emphasized that a first estimate is made with responsibility and depending on the type of project, the appropriate partners are selected so that it is delivered quickly and stands out both for its construction quality and functionality.

Finally, we can provide valuations and advice relating to the wider real estate market.